IPM - International Presidents' Meeting

IPM logoAbout the event:

International Presidents’ Meeting (IPM) is an international, bi-annual, statutory meeting of ELSA, where every national group of ELSA has the right to send representatives. During the days, participants will be gathered to prepare upcoming ELSA events, to raise their skills of leadership, to make contacts between the national groups and to consolidate the ELSA-network.

ELSA Zagreb is honored to host the Meeting in summer. It will be situated in the heart of the city, in the epicenter of Zagreb’s life. Tradition, friendship and respect are the values that we, ELSA Zagreb, encourage. Therefore, we would love to welcome our law colleagues in Zagreb.

The IPM is exciting and exhausting - workshops, meetings, coffee breaks, work lunches, long hours and the city’s beat. After the formal sessions, we will entertain an extraordinary night life.